Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Ariah Rastegar | Unparalleled Access

Ariah Rastegar founded Rastegar Capital in 2015 in order to formalize a private equity business that had its origins in relationships he forged in 2011. The private investment firm advises its clients on commercial real estate investments throughout the United States.

Rastegar Capital, he explains, offers its clients unparalleled access to the most exclusive real estate investment opportunities. The firm looks to invest in only the safest and strongest opportunities that are structured to mitigate downside risk, while maximizing upside exposure. But no investment comes without a certain degree of risk.

As he knows, even savvy investors have things they would do differently, with the benefit of hindsight. According to one survey, more than a quarter of investors with at least a million dollars in net worth said their biggest mistake was failing to properly diversify their portfolios. That was before they began working with a financial advisor.

About twenty-three percent of the respondents to that survey said they should have begun investing their money earlier. Another twenty percent said that it was a mistake to focus too much on short-term results. Fifteen percent said they allowed emotion to cloud their judgment in investments, while another eight percent said they made a mistake by not keeping enough cash in reserve.

Judging from similar surveys, these regrets seem to be common, even among investors who don’t have as much net worth. Ariah Rastegar and Rastegar Capital are committed to guiding their investor clients to those investment opportunities with a minimum of risk.