Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What are Hedge Funds?

Ariah Rastegar is the founder and owner of Rastegar Equity Partners. This investment firm, based in Dallas, Texas, raises capital from registered investment advisors, public pension funds, and high net worth individuals to invest directly in best-in-class real estate around the country. This model helps the company expand and work with many different investors in different settings, including in hedge funds. For those who don’t know financing language, what is a hedge fund?

Technically speaking, a hedge fund is a limited partnership including investors who use high-risk investing tactics, such as investing with borrowed money, to get large gains for the group. The idea is to limit risk for each individual and share in potentially large profits from riskier investments, which usually return big gains. Ariah Rastegar has worked hedge funds into his company’s business plans to offer his investors more options and less liability. Hedge funds can take bigger or smaller risks with a pool of money from different investors, using all kinds of risk-management techniques, many of which are employed by Rastegar and his partners themselves.

Ariah Rastegar uses all of his experience and background in finance and investing to get his investors the best possible returns for their money. As Rastegar Equity Partners expands and offers more services, he will offer different forms of investments to yield the best possible returns he can provide.

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